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"my experience with maestro casanova has been truly eye-opening; it is rare to have the opportunity to listen to clear, concise instruction regarding vocal technique, and it's rarer still to see it demonstrated so effectively, much less in a group setting. i was also truly impressed with his encyclopedic knowledge of the roles and arias discussed, even for the female singers; he is able to immediately and effectively establish context for his instruction, and the results are remarkable, to say the least. every singer left each class singing better than when they arrived, and each returning singer sang better after each subsequent class; to me, that is the practical definition of great teaching." adam peterson, tenor

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"being an accompanist of numerous studios for operatic singing, i have never witnessed the technical aspect of singing conveyed with such clarity, and precision. maestro francisco casanova has the extremely rare gift of being able to detect specific problems for many different types of singers, and to, in a short period of time, achieve quality progress for each one of them. singers with as many as 20 yrs of study under faulty teaching methods have one-by-one been greatly astonished at the results that they have received under his guidance. it is truly a once in a lifetime investment." tristan cano, pianist

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".. he has led me to discover a voice that i did not know i had. he has brought the voice out so that the full voice is heard and used to penetrate a space… before i (studied) with him, my voice had a very nervous repetition, or ‘vibrato’, and i could not be secure that the notes at the top of my range would sound nicely, or even sound at all. now the nervous sound is gone and where i used to barely reach f and g above middle c, i am now vocalizing b naturals and cs a full fourth higher. the fs and gs that used to cause struggle are now performed with ease and beauty. what’s more, the notes are there every time… we do not get lost in the emotion of singing; rather the emotion is brought forth as a result of the proper technique... that is to say that good technique yields desirable artistic interpretation. maestro casanova knows the craft [of singing]. he knows how to teach the craft. i count myself fortunate that he sees fit to reveal it to me." daniel byerly, tenor

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for information about the workshops as well as for private lessons with francisco casanova, write to or call (917) 769-6820

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